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Based in Singapore, Wondergram is a branding studio that crafts design and communication for businesses in the furniture & lifestyle, food & beverage, as well as healthcare industry. We believe that a good understanding of you and your businesses is necessary for the development of a compelling identity for your brand – one that is differentiated, has clarity & possesses relevance.


Every brand is unique in its own way. These differences can be obvious from the onset or subtle and inconspicuous. With a good appreciation of your business, we can help identify these distinctions & nuances.


Good brands connect and play special roles in people’s lives. Businesses that differentiate by applying design without true reasoning often fail to relate to their target audiences, hence possess brands that are irrelevant. Through research & inquiry, we can help your business establish its core message – one that is singular and meaningful.


In a market place overflowing with options, brands should avoid loading their audiences with tons of information. To be noticed, brands need to formulate a single purposeful message and communicate it consistently across all touch points. Using insights acquired through conversations, we can help you determine, simplify and communicate your key attributes in clear and concise manner.


how we develop brands

Phase 01 :


We start by gaining a good understanding of your brand – its purpose, values, people, products, services, competition & etc. These insights provide the solid base for the creation of effective and enduring brand ideas.

Brand Asset Review
Market Research
Competitor Analysis
Customer Survey
Journey Mapping
Observation Studies
SWOT Analysis

Phase 02 :


This is where the creative juices start flowing. We begin by identifying distinct brand characteristics, establishing unique brand directions, and developing relevant strategies. This is followed by brainstorming sessions to yield refreshing and meaningful ideas to shape your brand.

Brand Pillars
Identity Prism
Strategy & Road Map

Phase 03 :


Here we make all thoughts and ideas come alive! This is done by the transformation of the intangibles to the tangibles.

Graphic & Illustration
Motion Graphics
Tone of Voice

Phase 04 :


Things start falling into place here. This is where your brand elements are applied to key touch points.

Print Communication
Digital Communication
Space & Objects

Phase 05 :


Finally, we put together a documentation that articulates the mechanics of your brand’s visual identity.

Brand Guide

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