A maker of office seating since 1988, Benel aims to reposition itself as an integrated office furniture provider and expand its focus beyond B2B businesses by including B2C customers. The new business direction meant that there was a need to rebrand and redesign its existing website.

Project Objectives
1. Communicate refreshed brand identity on website
2. Include new product offerings such as Work Stations
3. Increase engagement with B2B audience
4. Reach out to B2C audience

Visual Identity
Information Design
Interface Design


The Brand
A comprehensive understanding of the brand and its target audiences are essential as they inform the design of the website. Dropping its previous tagline ‘ The Art of Sitting’, the new identity shifts its focus towards ‘Workplace Well-Being’. Apart from product ergonomics, the new website would include contents such as wellness and productivity. It would also adopt a simple, clean, professional and yet approachable aesthetics.

Target Audiences
Their target audiences can be broadly segmented into 4 user groups – Procurement Officers / Designers / Distributors / End Consumers. The RB Profiler is used as a tool to visualize their needs and preferences. These would guide the establishment of the site content & feature requirements.

Needs & Preferences
1. Smart Shoppers – They are price-sensitive but willing to pay if they see value
2. Quality – They favor reliable products with proper testing
3. Service – They desire competent and practical advice
4. Security – They prefer established names and things with warranty
5. Aesthetics – They like products that are well considered and aesthetically pleasing
6. Inclusiveness – They value brand engagement
7. Vitality – They value products that can improve their well-being

Content & Feature Requirements
1. Simple and clear explanation of product benefits
2. Product information (specification sheets / test reports / certificates)
3. Space planning advice, product suggestions & project references
4. Brand story & milestones – Engagement & establishment
5. High-quality product visuals
6. Blog post – Education & engagement

Design Outcome

Descriptions and images for a better understanding of product categories
Website is structured according to product offerings (Includes new categories such as Workspaces & Lounges
Highlight Project References to showcase capabilities
Descriptions and images for a better understanding product features
Descriptions and images for a better understanding of materials
Key product features to reduce unnecessary click-ins
Colour options for easy visualization
Downloads to support procurement officers and designers
Suggest complimentary product offerings
Detailed description with illustrations for a better understanding product benefits and key features
Reinforce brand narrative with company timeline
Engage audiences through blog post including key topics such as ergonomics, well-being, productivity and space planning