A laggard in technology adoption, the equine industry has failed to evolve for centuries – not embracing innovation to help improve efficiency, transparency, security and outreach.

A group of passionate horse lovers hope to change this by setting up EquineHub, the world’s 1st digital platform that leverages on blockchain technology to create an online marketplace for the equine community. We were commissioned to develop an identity that embodies technology as well as celebrates the rich traditions of horse racing.

We begin by looking at ways to communicate technology (blockchain in particular) and were drawn to the nodes and linkages of a blockchain network as they allow for limitless graphic possibilities.

This resulted in the final logo design – a galloping horse formed by a network of circles and lines. Emerald green (vivid, luxurious and sophisticated) was chosen as the primary brand colour as it is able to draw association to the sport’s long and revered history. A refreshing salmon pink is added to give modernity, bring highlight and compliment the emerald green colour.

These brand elements are consistently applied to key touch points such as stationery, webpage, pitch deck, exhibition design and other marketing collaterals.

Brand Concept
Marketing Deck