fidentiaX is the world’s first marketplace that leverages on blockchain technology for the secured transactions of tradable insurance policies. Combining ‘finance’ with ‘confidence’, the brand name echoes its mission to enable users to exchange and trade policies with absolute confidence.

We were commissioned to create its brand identity and recognized early into the project the opportunity to develop a strong and distinct logo mark using the letter ‘X’ from the end of the brand name. It not only allows for the creation of an icon, but can also be used to form the word mark.

The result is a bold and distinct ‘X’ that communicates transparency, efficiency, security, exchange and tech. The solid stroke represents security and confidence, while the floating elements suggest policies being exchanged in a transparent and efficient manner using blockchain technology.

Adding to the design of its visual identity, there was also a need to educate the audience about 2 relatively unfamiliar concepts – the trading of insurance policies in the secondary market and blockchain technology.

As a result, a landing page, a set of motion graphics and 2 video reels were created to help introduce the subject matter.

Motion Graphics