Whoopa! aims to revolutionize the antiquated hawker industry by bridging customers and hawkers through an integrated digital platform:

  1. Allow customers to place digital order, hence eliminating the need to queue in line.
  2. Help hawkers streamline processes, reduce cost and improve sale.
  3. Link both platforms to create a seamless workflow.

Project Objectives

  1. Develop a Mobile App to allow customers to locate hawkers, place orders and be notified for collection.
  2. Develop a Tablet App to allow hawkers to receive, take and manage offline and online orders.
  3. Establish an identity system for the brand and interfaces.

Design Approach

  1. Design Research was done to verify assumptions and uncover new findings.
  2. Research Results were used to guide the creation of User Personas and Content + Feature Requirements.
  3. Wireframes and User Flow Charts were used to inform the production of low and high fidelity prototypes.

User Persona
Information Design
Visual Identity
Interface Design
User Testing

Mobile App
Tablet App

Research Findings

Key Findings from Customers

Key reasons people prefer eating at hawker centres
– Good break from the office
– Unwilling to pay delivery fee
– Food is better consumed warm at the hawker centre

Current solutions are focused on delivery

(Grab Food, Deliveroo, Food Panda, WhyQ & etc.)

Current solutions are expensive and prohibits daily usage

(Minimum Order Amount + Delivery Fee)

Ordering from different stalls = Multiple times of queuing

(Example: food and drinks)

Key Findings from Hawkers

Majority are from an older generation and are less receptive to complex systems

Hawkers have too many devices to manage

Have to manage multiple devices from different delivery platforms

Hawkers have different food preparation processes

– Chronological (Prepares orders based on time received)
– Consolidation (Amass and prepares similar dishes)

Feature Requirements

User Flow

Design Outcome
Customer Mobile App

Design Outcome
Hawker Tablet App

Intuitive 2 Column Design: See items being added to Order List in real time (items move from left column to right column)
Progressive Disclosure: Features appear only when necessary – Order details, Add button, Confirm button, Pack/Dine button
Large Fonts & Icons: A clean design with large fonts & icons to allow hawkers to easily operate tablet
Useful Features: Calculator with common currency values for hawkers to quickly tabulate amount of return change
Integrate offline and digital orders: Take orders from physical queue and receive digital orders at the same time
Familiarity through Skeuomorphism: Order management system mimics ticketing system commonly used amongst hawker
Process Led: Preparation and Served functions cater to hawker operations
Useful Features: Sales report for accurate accounting. Track, manage and forecast sales.